TEGAS Community Innovative Learning (TCIL)

Previously known as TEGAS Secretariat since the establishment of TEGAS on 28th February 2012.  TCIL serve as the unit that focusing on Talent Development through STEM & TVET Education and Innovative Thinking for the community. Since 2012, TCIL have a total reach out of more than 600,000 community that includes students, teachers, parents and youth. With the support of TEGAS Board of Trustees and strategic Partners, TCIL believes its #DigitalInnovation4All Campaign in supporting talent development in digital innovation throughout the community will help young Sarawakians in reaching their highest potential to be ready for the Industrial Revolution 4.0.


  • Accelerating young Sarawakians innovators in reaching their full potential for Industrial Revolution 4.0
  • Cultivating young Sarawakians with Digital Innovation literacy for Industrial Revolution 4.0


  • To support the talent development of young Sarawakians through STEM & TVET education
  • To enrich youth in innovative thinking and leadership skills
  • To empower community with digital innovation knowledge